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BEST MIX HRANA PENTRU ANIMALE [cel mai bun furaje animale] (Stare Foarte Bună)

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Textul anuntului

TM BEST MIX feed for farm animals / poultries such as broilers, turkeys, chickens, laying hens, quail, pigs, sheep, horses and carp fish. Wholesale from Ukraine! Looking for new distributors in Europe! For our foreign partners we can offer: • High quality product made by the most modern European equipment; • Best price solutions; • Accurate dosing • Full document pack for customs and veterinary-sanitary authorities; • Different shipping possibilities such as cargo transport or railway wagons; • Different forms of packaging For price or more info WhatsApp: +380500359668 or mail/web


1.18 RON / kg / Negociabil

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29 zile

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25 iulie 2019 - 10:31

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Nume:Yaroslav Steshenko
Adresa:Marshala Biruzova 32A

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